Life Stopped When we got older, right?

No, thats not right, Life slowed down when we got older. We found things weren’t as easy to do, we found small things, like opening jars, harder to do, we walked a bit slower because our joints hurt, our legs wouldn’t move as fast and getting change out of our purse became a frustrating juggling act when our fingers didnt behave the way they should.

And in the world of today, where everything seems to happen so much faster, we are often overwhelmed at not being able to keep up with the younger people. We felt left behind.

I am here to tell you that whilst all these things are true, there is still life after 70. Or 80 and even 90.

I looked after a lady in her 90’s and she used to go running. Yes, running. And I couldn’t keep up with her. And sometimes its that boost of having a Carer in your life that actually gives you some of your life back. You have an extra set of hands, an extra set of fingers for those fiddly coins, for those jars that you cant open. And you can have a Carer who can go for a walk with you so you aren’t bowled over by the quicker, younger folk. And you can have scrumptious, nutritious meals again because we all know how easy it is to get ready meals in and we all know that whilst they are quick and easy, they simply dont stack up to a proper home cooked meal. Knowing that you have somebody in your home with you helps you to relax at night, knowing there is somebody there if you need them.

And this is not a dream, this is the reality of having a live-in Carer living with you in your own home. Somebody who can help you with those things that have become a little more difficult to do and somebody who you can talk to, somebody to take away the loneliness.

I have many stories to tell about my years as a live-in Carer and how I became somebody who helps you to find the right live-in Carer for you. And I hope that you follow along will bring you a smile, knowing you made the right choice with your own live-in Carer who you can personalise to bring you to living your life again.

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